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Director's update - Yolanda Marijnen
"Your everyday life as an executive is filled with constant pressure. Therefore, a confidential group of professional friends is extremely valuable, as well as a closed forum where all the big questions can be discussed openly – and where the key challenges in your business or your career can be freely addressed.

In this magazine we are focusing on interviewing several of our members to find out how constant change and pressure are affecting their leadership and the corporate culture. Building and maintaining a high performance culture is essential in most businesses. It is not without reason that
most members give praise to their team when they accomplish major change or success. The team and the organization is often mentioned as the key component."

Christian Engelsen
CEO & Founder

Three questions - five members
On April 14 1,500 members of our Institute were gathered in the Bella Centre Copenhagen for the NEXT12 Summit. During the day we interviewed five members about what they thought was going
to affect their business and businesses in general through the next 12 weeks, months and years. In addition, they were asked what is the most important factor when it comes to getting the corporate culture right.

1. What do you think is going to affect business, technology and finance the NEXT 12?
2. How are these changes going to affect you and your business?
3. What is the most important factor when it comes to getting the corporate culture right in a company?

Yolanda Marijnen
Partner at Velde, Netherlands

1. What is getting more and more important everyday, Director's update - Yolanda Marijnen - 3 questions
is to become adaptive and flexible.

2. I am in the recruitment business where you have
to find all kinds of ways to make the right matches between
candidates and organisations. Different factors
and trends are affecting our business all the time. Last
year it was all about personality and skills. Now however,
we think that organisations are changing by creating
jobs for people who have special qualities because they
think they can add value to the organisation. That is a
new and different way of thinking within the companies
and the recruitment industry.

3. Culture is important because the individualisation is
growing stronger and I think we forget cooperation in the
process. In collaboration with others we can make ourselves
much stronger in the company and in the world.
Moreover, it can become a competitive advantage.


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